The HOT NEW single from The Planet Of Kool, due on their forthcoming album, "Redemption," dedicated to the memory of guitarist, Mark Davis. R.I.H.P.

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Written By Kashan Ramahn, Troy Ferguson and Saturn
Phonzari Records (c) 2018
Saturn Music Unlimited
Kashan Ramahn Music

Sha bah dah bah dah bah

There was a time girl
when I was in need
One heart, one and love for me
Then you came and set me free
Now I know the I am
the one to be with you

I wanna be with you girl
yes you girl, just me and you
sha bah dah bah dah bah
and you know it girl

Now it took some time girl
for me to step to you
Wanted you to know that
my heart is true
Intoxicating, this love for you
so I confess to you
My heart's wide open baby
so I confess to you
I confess to you girl, yes you girl
that I love you
sha bah dah bah bah bah

Now we've come full circle
with love and passion
the others never knew
So here we stand girl
just me and you
With love wide open baby
I confess to you
I confess to you girl
yes you girl